Jendamark als Arbeitgeber

Eine Anstellung bei Jendamark eröffnet Ihnen weltweite Karrierechancen.

Wenn Sie interessiert sind in Ingenieurwissenschaften, Programmierung,
Konstruktion, Entwicklung freuen wir uns darauf Sie in unserem internationalen
Unternehmen willkommen zu heißen.

Lesen Sie, was unsere Mitarbeiter über die Arbeit bei Jendamark sagen

Jendamark continuously strives to produce a better product; a product that is both an improvement over our competitors and an improvement on what we have produced before. We evaluate our performance in this regard openly and honestly and when we fall short of our goal we learn from the experience. We apply this approach to our internal processes as well.”

– Greg Perelson, senior systems analyst

“Egos don’t play a part in decision-making and rank is very seldom enforced, which results in an environment where creativity is nurtured. Employees are encouraged to create and develop their own ideas with the end result being continuous development and improvement.”

– Roderick Plag, senior electrical designer

“Jendamark has never been about individuals, it’s always been about the team, who work together and support each other, no matter how tough it gets. It is a dynamic team and we push ourselves to do everything better, not only better than the competition but better than ourselves. We never slow down or accept that what we did is as good as it can ever be. This creates a culture where everyone is passionate about what they do and the possibilities for what we can achieve.”

– Barto de Koning, mechanical R&D specialist

“Jendamark encourages interdepartmental interactions. Each project is unique and has its own challenges, allowing you to reinvent and improve previous designs. This allows you to apply your own ideas to a design and not be forced to do repetitive work. Everyone in the company is approachable to discuss problems or ideas. The final product is always of a high standard, whether it is a simple bracket or an intricate frame.”

– Dayle Eckersley, mechanical engineering graduate

“The company is very people-oriented, and management plays an active role in the welfare of all employees, as well as incorporating individuals who are disadvantaged.”

– Tamarin Geyer, finance assistant