Jendamark’s ISO-certified manufacturing capabilities cover a range of standardised and custom-designed machines for the global automotive industry.

Supplying to first and second-tier suppliers supporting the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) is the basis on which the business is built, with a dual focus on the powertrain and catalytic converter assembly industries.

Group manufacturing director Graeme van Zyl says getting into the manufacture and supply of differential assembly lines as part of its powertrain offering has been a particular source of pride.

“The accuracy and precision with which a differential is assembled is supported by the equipment we supply.”

With regard to the catalytic converter industry, Van Zyl says Jendamark’s strategy of consolidating and providing standardised machines has allowed the company to develop rapidly in the global market.



“Offering standard solutions is the most technically sound and cost-effective way of doing things,” says Van Zyl.

More than a one-size-fits-all approach, he explains, it requires a thorough understanding of the customer’s requirements and the ability to deliver accordingly, regardless of the technical challenges involved.

“Our machines are flexible in setup, working from a strong design base with interchangeable tooling. For us, specialised tooling is a key focus, as this is what ultimately determines the quality of our customer’s product.”

Van Zyl says the difference between a good machine and a really good machine is the tolerances to which they work – the tighter the better.



In India, Jendamark Techcellency has earned a reputation for manufacturing exceptional, complex machined parts and is one of the few automation solutions providers to offer high-end in-house manufacturing with stringent quality controls.

“You can have the best machines but ultimate quality comes only when every department involved is equally focused on making the best machines for our customers,” says Van Zyl.



Total control of the entire manufacturing process – from material purchasing and logistics to the functional commissioning and installation of the equipment – is, he believes, the only way to ensure product quality.

“We have strict processes in place every step of the way. It loads our resources but the cost outweighs the risk.”

Van Zyl says having a precision manufacturing department, in addition to a general manufacturing section, means that more intricate engineering aspects can be handled without compromise.

“The turnaround time to rectify, upgrade and make modifications is within our control. That increases our effectiveness and efficiency in supplying the correct solution.”

When challenged in the world of micros, he says, establishing a temperature-controlled environment in the machine shop was just one of the essential requirements the company had to meet to achieve the tight specifications.

“Exposing our materials to a consistent temperature enabled us to control some of the risks we have to negotiate during precision machining.”



At every step, Jendamark’s CNC milling, wire-cutting and grinding capabilities are closely scrutinised with the aid of accurate measuring equipment. The use of GOM 3D scanner measuring technologies ensures an accurate and well-documented product.

Van Zyl says the tooling is independently assembled and tested in the quality department before being fitted into the machines to check the entire production process.

“Each individual component is manufactured and then assembled. It’s the collective quality of those items that starts coming into play to define the outcome of the design,” he explains.



Having gone through the processing, manufacturing and assembly departments, the machines are finally put together as a completed production cell in the commissioning hall.

“Once the processes are proven and the customer has signed off, the entire facility is disassembled, shipped to their premises, reassembled and recommissioned by our team of engineers,” says Van Zyl.

“The combination of man and machine is what sets Jendamark apart. We make turnkey facilities that allow our customers to keep doing what they do best.”